Continuous delivery conference geïnitieerd door Parasoft

woensdag 09 oktober 2013

On March 11th 2014, CKC Seminars organizes the Continuous Delivery Conference:

a new annual top-level Conference initialized to address the many changes that impact how we produce and deliver quality software today.

Central theme is: From continuous integration to continuous delivery.

An impressive program is guaranteed and contains over 15 experts sharing their visions and experiences regarding Continuous Delivery.

The program is developed by the independent program committee, which includes Mark Burgess (CFEngine), Andreas Prins (ING Netherlands), Tijs van der Storm (University of Amsterdam), Peter Smeenk (Justitiële Informatiedienst) and René Krikhaar (VU University).

  • Mark Burgess, (Norway), CTO & Founder, CFEngine
  • Dave Farley, (UK), Software Developer, Getco LLC, co-author of the Continuous Delivery book (2011)

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